Bright Eyes

I couldn't live without music. Each major event in my life has its own soundtrack; places in my heart and my memory can be instantly unlocked using the key of a particular song.
"I think everyone who has to travel knows the feeling," Ward told The Huffington Post as he prepared for a show at Prospect
This is a ridiculous week for live music in LA, and by ridiculous, I mean we’re going out every night, so organize your ride
Day one highlights: Le Butcherettes, Tinie Tempah, Afrojack, Bright Eyes. Ah, Lollapalooza: the music festival that has, two
According to 311's Nick Hexum, the band's new album, Universal Pulse, with its premier single, "Sunset In July", is "kind of like the ultimate Summer jam, and about the experience of touring."
WHO: The Joy Formidable WHAT: Glastonbury Festival WHERE: John Peel Stage - Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK WHEN: Sunday, June 26th
Saturday, My Morning Jacket, Beirut, Pretty Lights and, yes, Eminem will serve up the day's finale while Cee Lo Green, Lykke
Story comes courtesy of City's Best By Katie Bain It's two days before the festival, and the Coachella set times have finally
SXSW is discovering the next big thing, seeing a band in a musty bar with 10 other people and then seeing them years later selling out Madison Square and saying "I remember when."
Wedren began his career fronting the seminal Washington, DC post-punk outfit Shudder to Think, a band that helped define the scenes in the '80s and '90s. Here is his latest release: "Are We."
Now that justice has been served and everyone in America finally knows Arcade Fire's name, let's find some new underground favorites to claim as our own.
Coming off of a string of very strong variant projects such as Monsters Of Folk and his work with The Mystic Valley Band, Conor Oberst returns with his Bright Eyes cast on the album The People's Key.
With the current state of the internet and the blogosphere, most artists tend to keep musical projects close to the chest
Newsflash: there are other records coming out this year besides Lady GaGa. And some of them, in my opinion anyway, should be even more hotly anticipated.
The ten records that made my decade may not be the most cutting-edge or most obscure or significant of groundbreaking. But they're mine, and I love 'em all passionately. Here's my soundtrack to the decade of "Mission Accomplished."
Reviewed: The Beastie Boys, Harry Connick, Jr., Eddie & the Hot Rods, David Gray, Manassas, Monsters of Folk, Pearl Jam.
John Mellencamp says his next album was made in part at Sun Studios. "Everything was set up exactly as Cash and Elvis Presley recorded."
Back & Fourth is on course as one of the best albums of 2009.
Ever since Cat Stevens embraced Islam, the West has been clueless when it comes to accepting the former superstar. His latest release, Roadsinger, is a good start in rebuilding that emotional bridge to Stevens.
One of Obama's most ardent supporters is Conor Oberst, the singer/songwriter best known for his band, Bright Eyes.