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And a backlash is brewing. “There must be no room for hate at Hyatt hotels."
ACT for America is dealing with white supremacists showing up at its rallies.
ACT for America's founder claims the "Islamic coalition" is waging war on the U.S.
There is no evidence that sharia is infiltrating our political system or, frankly, that it ever could.
From Minneapolis to Seattle, Americans showed up for their Muslim neighbors this weekend.
As proud Americans we fervently believe in the free exercise of religion ― indeed, all religions.
There's nothing more threatening to the Constitution than willful ignorance.
There have been more than 30 incidents involving mosques being targeted by threats, vandalism or arson so far this year.
ACT for America’s Brigitte Gabriel says the group has a “direct line” to the president-elect. She’s not lying.
Next month, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a controversial voice calling for Islamic reform, is scheduled to appear at a Washington, DC event hosted by one of the nation's most active anti-Muslim groups. The Somali-born author and activist will deliver the keynote address at the annual conference of ACT for America.
Muslims make up less than one percent of this country's population. Yet we're still asked to hide our faith and are expected to apologize for terrorist organizations that don't align with our religious beliefs.
It takes courage to tell truths about our Muslim neighbors and to stand in solidarity with them when they are unjustly singled out for hostility and discrimination. It takes courage to be "politically correct." And thanks to Saba Ahmed, we have a clear example of what this courage looks like in action.
Messages left with Little Falls school district Superintendent Stephen Jones and the Central Minnesota Tea Party Patriots
Just how much did the constant validation of Islamophobic ideas by the likes of Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shoebat, and Robert Spencer play a role in Breivik's ultimate decision to actually carry out his terrorist attacks?