Every dish you need to welcome a sweet new year is right here on this list. L'Shana Tova!
Yeah, it's cold. Even here in Miami. So what better way to warm up than with a steaming bowl of chili? How about with a smoking bowl of chili?
Whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah, you can still enjoy the delicious food that comes with it -- like crispy potato latkes, homemade applesauce and challah french toast.
When I was growing up, the Jewish New year -- aka Rosh Hashanah -- always meant brisket, apples and honey cake. I can still remember watching my Mom slicing the hard-boiled eggs, pounding the fried onions and livers in a huge cherry wood bowl.
The key is choosing how to best express it. It doesn't come from brisket. It comes from us. That's what we bring to the table. A meal that causes no harm to others only furthers that love.
As I went back through my notes (secret #1: always take notes when you smoke brisket and other meats--record what works and what doesn't), I found I made a few subtle changes to my usual method that took this brisket over the top.
Info on Brisket King NYC can be gleaned here and info on brisket sheen can be seen at I now will posit
In some parts of Texas, putting anything other than salt and pepper on a brisket is considered blasphemy. But to the dismay of more traditional pitmasters (and Spinderella) there's a whole host of folks around the country (and Canada!) who're using brisket to nefariously awesome ends.
So: that's a LOT of things that bind us together - the sum total of which -- combine to make us "Jewish." Above, a brisket
I converted to Judaism before I got married. But I had been an aspirational Jew for nearly all my life. In nursery school, after learning about Chanukah, I told everyone my father was Jewish.
Why the humble beef brisket inspires such devotion, and the recipes and tips you need to make your own.
If the BBQ trail guides your travel plans like it does mine, heading to Austin, Texas for the most exquisite brisket has to be on your bucket list.
A is for Astronaut Ice Cream. B is for Brisket. C is for... The REAL reason you learned the alphabet.
On the heels of the court revocation of Bloomberg's ban on 16-ounce soft drinks, New York's mayor promptly created a secret Passover police unit (code name Sugar Daddy).
Clearly Shefi is just one example of young people who find their connection to their heritage through food, and no surprise that the Center for Jewish History is jumping on the bandwagon.