Italian street artist TVBoy told HuffPost this is "the moment the student goes to the master."
Connecticut authorities believe two police officers who were shot dead had been drawn into an ambush by an emergency call on Thursday.
The famed anonymous street artist snuck onto the set of "The Outlaws" to paint one of his trademark rats.
The "Six Sisters" in Bristol, England, has been five years in the making.
Iconic lines from hit holiday songs by Mariah Carey, Chris Rea and more are being projected across Bristol, England, to bring hope and festive cheer.
"Aachoo!!” the British street artist captioned an Instagram photo of his latest piece.
A man tried to get an appraisal for a Banksy piece he removed from a wall but ended up getting a lecture instead.
The only Black driver in NASCAR's top series said a move by Michael McDowell caused the crash and was "just disrespect."
Artist Marc Quinn created the sculpture of protester Jen Reid, who was photographed standing on the plinth after the Colston statue was toppled in Bristol.