Brit Hume

Wallace and analyst Brit Hume said the president's hour-plus speech went on far too long.
The Fox News analyst says Biden's criminal justice reform plan is “the same black grievance politics we’ve been hearing for decades now.”
Fox News commentator Brit Hume made fun of former Vice President Joe Biden for wearing a mask to protect himself from the coronavirus.
Apparently the cool factor trumps the nearly 100,000 dead in America from COVID-19.
The conservative network's senior political analyst slammed the president's latest Twitter tantrum as "ridiculous."
Twitter users were titillated by a browser tab left open by the political analyst.
The president lamented to his supporters that Fox News was no longer "working" for them.
The Fox News analyst lauded the Indiana mayor as the "most impressive" Democratic candidate since President Barack Obama.
“She’s kinda compelling," the Fox News analyst said of the New York congresswoman, then slammed her "callowness and arguable shallowness."