Brit Hume

The longtime Fox News host offers a reminder on a "failed presidency."
The longtime Fox News analyst says supporting Trump "may come back to haunt the Republican Party in 2024."
Brit Hume tried to sum up Trump's latest attempt to defend himself, and it wasn't easy.
Brit Hume is skeptical about the former president's prospects in the 2024 race.
The conservative channel's Brit Hume has ratcheted up criticism of the former president since he announced his 2024 candidacy.
Brit Hume predicted "a great many Republicans would privately be very glad" if the findings made Trump's possible 2024 candidacy "go away."
The conservative analyst suggested Jan. 6 should not be called an insurrection unless someone is charged with it.
The Fox News host said critical race theory is un-American "Nazi stuff" after admitting he doesn't understand it.