Brit Hume has publicly called for Tiger Woods to convert to Christianity to find forgiveness and redemption following his
This is a new kind of enemy, but like the enemy outside, they will not be defeated until people of good will for whom they claim to speak and act stop quietly acquiescing and speak out against them.
Brit Hume stepped in hot water when he offered Tiger Woods some controversial advice last Sunday: convert to Christianity
Strange isn't it, how a man serving time in prison seems to speak with more compassion, more love, and perhaps more intellect than Brit Hume on the subject of Buddhism.
Watch the latest news video at "He needs something that Christianity especially provides and gives and
Fox News' Brit Hume gave Tiger Woods some personal advice Sunday morning, telling the scandal-plagued (and Buddhist) golfer
Anyone who has ever been caught with his pants down knows it's easier to look up to Jesus than it is to squat down into a lotus position. Even Hume knows that as he is a sinner himself.