Great Britain

“I reserve the right to cancel the show.” Eric Clapton declared he would not perform at venues where COVID-19 vaccines are required, defying Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s vaccination order.
Twitter users were aghast about the optics of this key moment in the speech.
Mother’s Day around the world can involve much more than just breakfast in bed. Here are some unique traditions from the United Kingdom, Japan, Ethiopia, Mexico and Nepal.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry rejected the British claim.
Hospitals in northern England are still under pressure because of high caseloads, but hospital admissions and patients elsewhere in England are stabilizing or falling.
The coronavirus variant may be running out of people to infect, though misery could still lie ahead for COVID-19 patients and overwhelmed hospitals.
France’s interior minister said it's the biggest tragedy involving migrants on the crossing to date. Four suspected traffickers have been arrested.
Doug -- who got that name because he was "dug" up -- weighs 17 pounds, well above the current potato record of 11 pounds.
The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the killings on its Amaq news channel.
The international program sent more doses to Britain in June than to the entire continent of Africa.