Donald Trump has become the latest in a long line of U.S. presidents to meet Queen Elizabeth.
They'll try to rearrange each other's face, not the furniture, on Saturday.
As with millions of other Thems and Those People, I am familiar with phrases like: "Mass deportation". "Build a wall". "Round
While Sweden may not be an English speaking nation and has a reputation for being a tad on the expensive side, it does offer
Drinking alcohol profusely is encouraged at most work events and the rejoicing together the next day with a unanimous hangover.
BUT WE'RE NOT BLOODY SORRY ARE WE??!!! When I break it down like this, it all seems so ridiculous. In all honesty, it might
Being born in the 1970's, the Paralympics was like being set free as I was very much brought up to stay very silent and to
What will Northern Ireland do? Because if Scotland bolts, Ireland may actually unite once again as well. I have no idea what the chances of this actually happening really are, but the least you can say is that the chances would certainly be higher if Scotland does decide to go its own way.
"I never criticized the president and all my programs are available (to examine) and my positions are known," she replied
In Britain, the English (not the Scottish or the Irish, the English) have been closet anti-Europeans since the creation of
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Ruqsana Begum is a British boxing champion who wants to encourage other young Muslim girls to get fit and strong.
And, there's much more - the numismatic, archeological and musical instrument collection as well as early mechanical arts
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel One of Britain's most accomplished, acclaimed, and garlanded writers, Hilary Mantel brutally and
Sarah O'Rourke is struggling to make sense of her husband's death, trying to comfort her five-year-old son Charlie, and attempting
As if all this wasn't complex enough, it becomes a veritable minefield when other cultures are involved. I've recently started
Whether you're a fan or not, there is a pretty great takeaway here - not only is "what you see not always what you get," but