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BA has offered a pay rise of 11.5% over three years but members of the pilots association wanted a bigger share of the company’s profits.
British Airways, KLM and Emirates are among the companies steering clear of the area as tensions run high.
Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the “obviously unfortunate mix-up.”
Some passengers said they were praying while others laughed off the aborted landing attempt.
Around 380,000 card payments were compromised over a two-week period, the airline said.
The flight crew has two Harrys, seven Megans and one Meghan.
Snakes on this plane might actually have addressed the mouse problem.
Black Lives Matter protesters locked themselves together on the runway.
24 months of inactivity on Southwest You may call it spending beyond our means, but I recognize it for what it is: the disappearance
Fasten your seat-belts, make sure your seat-back is in the upright position and your table is stowed: I promise you a bumpy ride!
Looking back on my wanderings last year, I flew a lot of miles on a lot of airlines and slept in a lot of beds. Here are my shout outs for the best and most memorable experiences in air travel, hotel stays, and city visits.
As with all labors of love, this is one we will just have to sit back and watch while the players maneuver. As a frequent traveler myself, I like the idea of the Concorde flying again. And landing. Safely.