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The issues facing Britain (and America) today have nothing to do with poor Leon Trotsky. Leave him alone and let him stand on his own two feet. The fact that the British Labor Party has allowed its leadership contest to descend to this kind of name-calling and finger-pointing is just one more sign of how unhinged this year has become. Welcome to 2016.
Jeremy Corbyn is having that impact because, as with Bernie Sanders, his radicalism is galvanizing a new generation of potential voters. These are potential voters who are tired of "politics as usual." But for them, the tiredness rests not in the stupidity or incompetence of those who govern us, but because for far too long, those politics have been too right-wing, and too lacking in both progressive impulses and equalitarian outcomes.
Jeremy Corybn on a fire engine
Top military experts and government institutions like the U.S. Department of Defense and National Intelligence Council warn that climate destabilization threatens our national security, yet global emissions just keep going up.
Hopper praised the current leader's display of "courage" in coming and promised, as chair of the event, to insure a polite
Long the butt of punchlines for his nasal-sounding voice and geeky demeanor, British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has