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In tears, the Easter Island governor asked for the sacred sculpture, whose name, Hoa Hakananai’a, translates to “lost or stolen friend.”
The British Museum apologized and said their initial tweet addressed single objects with multiple Asian names.
What is less known is the key role that his beautiful, vivacious and extremely wealthy wife, Mary Nisbet, played in befriending
Travelling through the country and speaking to hundreds of people, Alexievich composed a unique book consisting of a series
Activists shut down the British Museum on the opening day of BP-funded exhibition "Sunken Cities."
Local hotels follow the theme of caravansaries with embroidered trappings, wooden furnishings, and local cuisine. Visitors
A group of leading scientists and artists have called the oil company "a barrier to progress."
As we turn to 2016, we resolve to do more traveling, with an eye to experiencing the most spectacular, awe-inspiring artworks on the planet.
The blade "could easily have sliced a man’s head in two."
Spring break in America is one week but here in my kids' school in Scotland, they're off for 18 whole days. In the middle of the school year! After getting over the initial culture shock, I realized the only way to survive the long interruption in the school year is to figure out an escape.