British National Party

The U.S. congressman retweeted a British racist. King has long signaled support for white nationalists.
Ten years ago, I predicted the rise of a new form fascism in the United States and Europe, suggesting that the injustices and contradictions of the capitalist system were growing too large to be contained any longer by the existing liberal political order.
Lucky for us, we still have an enlightened blueprint of a social contract to help guide us and sometimes we even pay attention
Britain's nationalist BNP suffered an ignominious defeat last week, in a stunning repudiation of racism engineered the campaign affiliate of anti-fascist monthly Searchlight magazine.
I'm in reflective mode this week, as I pack my bags for a stint covering the campaign trail for the next six weeks or so
Refusing to provide a forum for hate is not a denial of First Amendment free speech rights.
The Swiss minaret ban, like some other European countries' policies, highlights a failure of Western liberalism and raises fundamental questions about religious discrimination and freedom of religion.
The BNP is bracing itself for potentially fresh embarrassment tomorrow when details of the party's UK-wide rank and file
Political debate legitimizes fringe groups. It allows these groups to obscure racism and xenophobia with phony arguments of UK border security while the real work is performed in the street.
Good-minded people who see a need to teach tolerance and engage in civil discussion are cowed into submission by the shouters.
On 4 June this year, Britain elected two members of the far-right British National Party (BNP) to the European elections -- the first time fascists have been elected to such posts.
A possible ban on teachers in England from being members of the British National Party is under consideration, a government
The white supremacist gunman who shot dead a guard at the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. had attended meetings of the
A good way to fuel bigoted behavior is to make dissidents feel like they don't have an outlet for their frustrations.
Following the success of the far-right British National Party (BNP) in this week's European Union parliamentary elections
I know this motley crew of far right fantasists could never command support among the vast majority of right-thinking Britons.
A group of musicians including members of Pink Floyd, Blur and singer Billy Bragg are protesting over sales of their music
The dominant ideologies are still deregulation and the free market, and to say that voters gave leftism a chance -- and things just didn't work out -- is intellectually dishonest.
While much of the neo-Nazi fringe remains opposed to the existence of Israel, the whites-only British National Party recently declared its full-throated support for Israel's attack on Gaza.