british prime minister

Rudd faced criticism for the government's treatment of some long-term Caribbean residents who were wrongly labeled illegal immigrants.
Politicians in the U.K. have message for the U.S. president: delete your account.
The mishap came amid a long day of controversial tweets from the president.
The U.K. leader's rebuke heightens tensions between the longtime allies.
He's the first member of Parliament to step down in the midst of a growing sexual harassment scandal in Westminster.
A win for the public anywhere is a win for the public everywhere.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the government would wait until Brexit was clear.
The details of the deal were not immediately released.
The blaze has led to anger at the government and a debate over public safety.
The British prime minister gambled away a parliamentary majority in an election she did not need to call.
May said she could rely in parliament on the support of her “friends” in Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party after her governing Conservatives failed to emerge as clear winners.