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The "Good Place" actress called on women to “make memories that extend beyond what you have eaten today."
“I know the perception is that it’s got a lot easier to make films by or about minorities or women, but it’s actually still difficult,” the actress told British Vogue.
The Duchess of Sussex got sweet notes from members of the royal family.
"I am a beach. I literally don’t give a fuck," the work says. "I am entirely indifferent to your body mass index."
The Duchess of Sussex asked Hayek to be on the cover of the September issue of Vogue UK.
The Duchess of Sussex's guest-edited cover features 15 women and one empty tile.
"It feels like Prince Harry chose a partner who embodies so much of what his mother stood for," the "Orange Is the New Black" actress said.
British Vogue published a candid conversation between the two for the issue Meghan Markle guest-edited.
The Duchess of Sussex talked with the former first lady as a guest editor for the latest issue of British Vogue.
The Duchess of Sussex helped guest-edit the September issue and even interviewed Michelle Obama for it.
The singer ditched her signature ponytail for the July cover, but she does have fake freckles!
2017 hit some major diversity milestones in media, politics, and entertainment. Here are a few of the biggest moments.
Kate Upton's "Cat Daddy" video might have sped up her trajectory to fame, but when the supermodel was doing that silly dance