If those dolmens were tombs, the acidic soil of Brittany has long eaten away the human bones. The dolmens are usually made
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Brittany is the extreme west part of France, and is not to be confused with Britain, which stands for Great Britain, aka England -- but you knew that.
Today, most travelers reach the island by crossing the new bridge but you can still choose to traverse the treacherous mudflats
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You can reach the "duck" island by boat from Belle-Île, a nearby isle, or Morbihan, on Brittany's coast. You can also get
With a romantic landscape of frothy inlets, verdant cliffs, and seaside cottages speckled with orange moss and honeysuckle, off-season or in, Brittany's Emerald Coast is the ultimate escape for rest, relaxation, and serious shellfish.
The land has a misty charm; with deep blue hydrangeas and red poppies growing like wild weeds everywhere, Brittany is a land of strange beauty and secrets, legends and fairies, warriors and fishermen.
This summer, ditch the tourist trail in Paris and Marseilles and hit the countryside to experience the wealth of gorgeous historical villages France has to offer.