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The law was inspired by Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon to end her own life.
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We took our baby girl home from the hospital soon after we took her off life support. We signed "Do Not Resuscitate" documents and we were assigned hospice care especially for children. It took 21 days. With each cavernous minute, I prayed for death to be swift.
With 65 percent of Californians in favor of the law, opponents face an uphill battle.
California became the fifth state to pass legislation allowing terminally ill patients the right to die, but what does it mean? HuffPost breaks it all down
Terminally ill Californians can now take their lives into their own hands.
The bill, inspired by Brittany Maynard, passed in the state Senate Friday.
"Imagine that it's one of your constituents, suffering in agonizing pain - their pain medication no longer works. Then imagine that it's your father or your mother or your grandparents or your daughter."
Democrats have vowed to make the bill inspired by Brittany Maynard a priority.
He questioned the lack of mandatory mental health evaluations for patients seeking life-ending drugs. The issue also is deeply
Had it passed, California would have joined Oregon, Washington and Vermont as one of the few states with such right-to-die
I have been haunted by a deathbed promise I made 24 years ago. But now with the Aid in Dying movement growing, it's time to break my silence and lend a voice to help terminally ill people control their end of life.