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Lifetime will debut "The Brittany Murphy Story," a biopic based on the late actress' life, on Sept. 6. The Hollywood Reporter
"So, so, so genuinely sweet," actor Justin Walker, who played heartthrob Christian, told "Good Morning America." "For a week
Following recent claims that Brittany Murphy may have been poisoned, the Los Angeles County coroner has announced there are no plans to reopen the investigation into her death.
The coroner, however, has issues with the revelation. Following recent claims that Brittany Murphy may have been poisoned
Caitlyn Becker breaks down the top entertainment stories of the day including a new development in the investigation of Brittany Murphy's death, Britney Spear's exact body measurements released, and the James Bond court settlement.
Results supposedly showed the presence of 10 heavy metals above the "high" level set by the World Health Organization. The
It's been three years since Brittany Murphy died, on Dec. 20, 2009, from a fatal combination of prescription drugs, pneumonia
Though Marilyn Monroe's legacy lives on long after her death, even she wasn't able to see her star power at work to the end
Take a look back at Murphy's gone-too-soon career: The "Uptown Girls" actress's husband, Simon Monjack, discovered her body
The 84-page final report released Thursday states that Murphy had "elevated levels" of Vicodin and drugs from over-the-counter