University of Kent Official Site (Kent is cool. I studied there. One of my life's best choices.) A brilliant new opportunity
For Shakespeare's 450th birthday bash, Britweek -- the week-long celebration of all things British in LA -- has lined up a phenomenal cast of actors, both British and American for an evening of "Shakespeare, Music & Love!"
Malcolm MacDowell will read from 'The Tempest' photo by Jay Only The Bard and a good cause could persuade 19 of L.A.'s top
Furr's grandmother introduced him to oil paints when he was 12 years old. He would set up a still life with fruit and paint it. He was obsessed -- he loved and still loves oil paint and the distinct smell of pure turpentine. "I was lucky. I found my dharma at age 12 years," he says.
I was privileged to attend a small press luncheon on Saturday honoring Julian Fellowes, creator of the hit PBS Masterpeice Classic, Downton Abbey.
Both Philip Treacy and Christopher Guy Harrison must have spent time reading the original Alice in Wonderland with illustrations by John Tenniel. Viewing their creations is almost like falling down a design rabbit hole into a wonderland.
As a bi-continental designer splitting my time between London and San Diego, everyday brings adventures that are larger than life.
This week I got to hang out at the airport to see off a bunch of hugely excited kids leaving on a trip to London. It's rare that young children are so majorly rewarded for their academic and personal achievements.
As a pioneer of British modernism, William Turnbull has aided it's artistic development over the last 60 years. With a strict adherence to his principles, Turnbull's work was unique during a period of rampant commercialism in the arts.
Four years ahead of its 800th anniversary, the Magna Carta is coming to Los Angeles. From April 26 to May 11, this aged piece