This article originally appeared on Forbes - Disruption and Democracy. Then, in January 2016, Facebook Live became accessible
They said that it was "the right of the public to receive suitable access to social, political, esthetic, moral, and other
1. An Independent Narrative: Ideas and ideals conveyed on the channels are not defined in opposition to an extremist ideology
As a self-proclaimed "woke" white dude, it's sometimes difficult to know how to participate in conversations about race that matter deeply to me. The last thing I want to do is suck up oxygen from the voices that need to be heard.
The sports industry as a whole is in an unusual position in regards to this transition, where it's stuck between providing
This is pretty subjective, but here's some stuff I'm excited about this year: Answer by Julie Zhuo, Product Design VP at
That's a lot of money, but ratings are only going up.
Tracy Rosenberg is the Executive Director of Media Alliance, based in Northern California. Media Alliance is a member of
Few deaths move nations like Sir Terry Wogan's has Britain and Ireland.
Who do you miss, right now? During the holiday season, we are supposed to connect with loved-ones, friends and family, but
In simple terms, advertisers buying more media and investing fewer resources in less glamorous execution capabilities. As the dollars continue to climb and financial questions become more pointed, advertisers will need to account for their decisions.
My number one tip for you is, if you really want to start broadcasting on Periscope but feel nervous, start today!
Next season will be his last in the booth.
Joe Little of ABC Channel 10 News in San Diego had it right. He saw no need for media analysis when it came to Vester Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, who murdered two people and injured a third on air as his camera rolled. He quickly sent the footage to social media.
From the moment I started reading Broadcasting Happiness, I was filled with questions about the concepts and ideas Michelle was sharing. I was delighted to have the chance to ask her a few questions about new book, below. Thank you so much, Michelle, for your time!