brokeback mountain

McMurtry's work include the prize-winning novel "Lonesome Dove," as well as films like "Terms Of Endearment," "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Last Picture Show."
The actor said his late co-star "refused" to participate in an opening monologue that poked fun at the film's gay love story.
The “Spider-Man: Far From Home” actor said his "Brokeback" co-star, who died in 2008, "would never joke" about the gay romance at the heart of their film.
Gus Van Sant, initially approached to direct the film, said a long list of A-listers turned down roles in the movie.
Ryan Beene’s "In The Dark" features a gay college athlete falling in love for the first time.
The Spanish director said his version would've had "more sex."
Jonah Goldberg put it well in the blog linked above: for months on end, Mika and Joe were like Mean Girls whenever anyone
"I think I was at an age where mortality was not always clear to me."
I read the reviews of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and many were downright brutal. But, I've learned not to trust the critics and their often bitter -- sometimes jaded -- view of life and films. I've also learned critics will misstate the facts about films they dislike.
I may sound like I'm gushing when I write that meeting the wise, striking Dev Patel and listening to a talk with the handsome, funny Jake Gyllenhaal were the highlights of this year's Dubai International Film Festival for me. And make no mistake, I am.
Members of the cast and crew talk about their memories of making the iconic film.
Watch a classic scene from the film re-created by two senior citizen men.
"Was it the best film of the year? I don’t think so."