broken heart syndrome

Positive life events might be just as taxing as negative ones.
From a broken heart that might kill you to having sex with your ex and even attending exaholics anonymous to deal with your ex not being a part of your life anymore, HuffPost Live opened the "ex" files and this is what we found...
This video explains how one can participate via Twitter. Parts of this piece contain excerpts from Kristin Meekhof's forthcoming
The symptoms of broken heart syndrome are very similar to those of a heart attack, and they can include angina (chest pain), shortness of breath, low blood pressure and temporary heart failure.
But the findings of the new study suggest hearts that are "broken" by a major emotional stressor may not necessarily fully
"There is a disease called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy ... this is really when someone has a lot of emotional stress. A lot
Below, a photo of the couple in their younger years. Max, 101, died on August 26, followed by LaVere, 100, just three days
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It turns out there is some truth to the cliché saying, "I'm dying of a broken heart." Watch the video above for more on broken
If you've ever experienced an emotional trauma so bad you thought your heart would break, you're not alone. In this clip
The Cornelsons aren't the first long-married couple to die in close succession. In fact, it's a surprisingly common phenomenon
Broken heart syndrome doesn’t just exist in fairy tales. According to a new study published the Journal of the American Heart