Broken Lizard

"Super Troopers 3: Winter Soldiers" is being written right meow, members of Broken Lizard say.
UPDATE: Broken Lizard reached its crowdfunding goal on Wednesday, one day after announcing it would try to raise $2 million
Do you ever find yourself thinking "I wonder what those Broken Lizard guys with the funny movies like Super Troopers and Beerfest are doing?" Ponder no longer.
Although the Broken Lizard gang said they had a prequel in mind back in 2006, this new movie is definitely a sequel and is
The Babymakers wants to be a Judd Apatow comedy. Instead, it's like a third-rate Comedy Central sitcom, with dirty words, little nudity and fewer laughs than fingers on one hand.
Football has the '67 Packers, basketball the '92 Bulls and improv has Dr. God. Definitely one of the tightest teams in improv today, if Dr. God continues performing, there is no limit to their potential.
As for Schneider, the former Pawnee love interest of Rashida Jones on "Parks," he was last seen in the Reese Witherspoon
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This year, Apatow is holding a red-carpet premiere of his new movie about comedians, Funny People, at the fest. Will it live up to its often-brilliant online promotional campaign?