broken windows policing

One may attempt to eulogize Timoney as a "good cop," but there is no question he was fervently opposed to free speech, most especially when used in the struggle for social change.
Berkshire: I've seen your study criticized as being *anti-charter,* but one of the really interesting things you uncovered
“In our city, there are intractable racial disparities in who commits and who is victimized by crime,” Bratton said, according
Mayor de Blasio never ran for Mayor of the City on an "anti-police" platform; once elected, Mayor de Blasio has never thrown police officers under the bus; and Mayor de Blasio most certainly does not have blood of the fallen officers on his hands.
They also charge that broken windows policing disproportionately affects blacks and Latinos. Earlier this year, a New York
In fact, Bratton never showed up to the awards ceremony at all. Protester Josmar Trujillo suggested that the commissioner
It remains to be seen how far de Blasio and Bratton will budge on "broken windows." On Monday, the pair announced that the
"Broken windows" policing came under intense scrutiny after the choking death of Eric Garner in Staten Island this summer
The commissioner brushed aside advocacy groups' claims that the 400,000 arrests the NYPD makes annually are excessive. In