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Looking into the hidden corners of a drawer the other day, I came across two pins from the past. One was a souvenir of my high school, the Bronx High School of Science in New York City. I applied there at the urging of the guidance counselor at my junior high school, Hermann Ridder.
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New York City's specialized high schools, all unionized public schools, are some of the leading academic institutions of their kind anywhere. However, the current admissions process is shortchanging people of color, among others.
Track team members at the Bronx High School of Science accused of violent sexual hazing
The "humans of" concept became an Internet phenomenon after the New York blog was launched in 2010, and has since spread
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Why does New York City have these special schools where the teaching and curriculum are just not that special?
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Whoever goes to Bronx Science today, or tomorrow, will discover that it is safe to be smart. They will see that learning, mastering knowledge and valuing thinking are gifts that keep on giving.
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Should a private publishing company have so much power over curriculum and assessment in New York State and around the country?
In the past almost seventy years, no less than twenty-six Nobel Laureates have been educated in New York City schools: only three were products of private schools.
The semi-finalists came from 29 states, plus the Taipei American School. Six of those states had 10 or more semi-finalists
Disturbed by the Patriot Act and political environment following 9/11, Vlad co-founded the Glass Bead Collective while working
The answer to the Russian threat, many at the time agreed, was "fixing" our schools. We were told we needed more and better science and math education if we were to beat the Russians.
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I think justifying a fundamentally unequal distribution of resources is the primary purpose of most school "gifted programs."