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On July 13, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter announced that next year, after a 6-month study, transgender Americans should be allowed to serve openly in the armed forces along with their gay and lesbian compatriots. It is a long overdue action to remove a barrier to open service for a small but significant minority.
Though military defense and national security has changed and evolved in the 21st century, they certainly have not altered the definitions of words like risk, sacrifice, heroism, and courage.
Through the White House's "We the People -- Your Voice in our Government" petition process, thousands of signatures were gathered for a petition to the Obama Administration to lower the precedence of the new Distinguished Warfare Medal.
A new medal that honors drone pilots and cyber warriors is facing bipartisan backlash because it will take precedence over traditional combat awards. Amanda Terkel joins Josh from DC to discuss.
Mike became homeless for the first time in his life this month. As a retired nurse and well educated man he wonders how it could have happened to him. Maybe it was just his turn.
James Lord's memoir, My Queer War, recounts his experiences in the World War II years following his 1942 enlistment as a naïve 19-year-old homosexual.