After her choice of brooches during his visit to the U.K. raised eyebrows.
Throughout Trump’s U.K. visit, Queen Elizabeth II wore symbolic brooches that some say were political jabs at the president.
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The monarch's brooch choices during Trump's visit have raised some eyebrows.
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My friend Sue was in her mid-fifties when she decided she wanted to be an exotic dancer. I did my best to talk her out of it, but she had friends who danced -- all younger than she -- and they were making great money, so she thought she could do it too.
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4. Dress up a boring bag. If you’ve got a plain purse you love to carry from day to night, adding a brooch to the top corner
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We can't say for sure that Camilla's brooch is the same one that belonged to Diana; it could very well be a sharply made
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Whether you have a wedding to plan (or attend) or just want to create a pin to dress up your lapel, this autumnal boutonniere
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The brooch doesn't always have to be worn grazing the shoulder. I pin mine to a silk ribbon or velvet cord and wear it around my wrist.
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If you're thinking about becoming a Secretary of State, you better know how to spell "brooch" and how to pin one on silk blend.