Brooke Baldwin

The CNN anchor said the president tweets "all the time," but not about a video of a fake Trump murdering critics and the media.
The "Newsroom" host also called out President Donald Trump and Congress for failing to tackle the nation's gun violence epidemic.
It's all about the way Trump uses one particular word.
Barbara Res said "there were always black jokes going back and forth" during her years working for Donald Trump's company "and he told them too."
The national security reporter says on CNN that the president is alarmingly out of touch in White House intelligence sessions.
“Everyone wants to see Don Lemon get litty lit!” he told co-host Brooke Baldwin.
The CNN anchor stood up for White House reporters April Ryan, Abby Phillip and Yamiche Alcindor, and called for respect from the president.
The journalist flew in a helicopter over Mexico Beach, Florida, and said the storm "obliterated" the town.
The Republican strategist said that, with names like Oprah and Alec Baldwin being floated, it's clear you don't need to be a politician to become president.
Michael Rotondo was court-ordered to move out of his parents’ home.
CNN is giving us all a lesson in how morons become right-wing media stars.
The anchor's summary of recent White House doings is a doozy.
We are watching as Trump puts men like Jeff Sessions, Michael T Flynn, and Steve Bannon in the White House.
And anchor Brooke Baldwin shut him down.
The anchor offered a vehement defense of her network on Wednesday.
CNN host Brooke Baldwin tore into the hosts of The View for attacking Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's appearance.