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Wind chills in northern Illinois could fall to -55 degrees by Wednesday.
Memorial Day has come and gone and the summer season is officially underway. As the temperatures rise, you may be planning out the calendar for the next three months before autumn makes a return.
If you have visited a zoo or aquarium in recent years, there's a good chance that you've noticed something new. In addition to providing up-close encounters with some of the planet's most magnificent species, today's zoological parks are placing a growing emphasis on conservation.
A Chicago-area zoo on Friday announced the arrival of their first newborn of the new year. A grey seal pup was born to 10
The Chicago-area Brookfield Zoo this week welcomed an adorable new addition to their family. A female western lowland gorilla
The Chicago-area Brookfield Zoo announced Friday it has closed its iconic Baboon Island. According to the zoo, the exhibit
The Brookfield Zoo on Friday announced the arrival of a male snow leopard cub. Snow leopards, which are native to mountainous
Less than a week after the Brookfield Zoo's new bottlenose dolphin was born, the calf has died. The female calf, born at
The Brookfield Zoo late last week welcomed a newborn bottlenose dolphin to their midst. Born to 26-year-old Allie, the 40
The Brookfield Zoo's latest baby — a male giraffe — took his first steps soon after his June 21 birth and on Tuesday, the
The pitter patter of little hooves can now be heard at the Chicago-area Brookfield Zoo thanks to the arrival of an addax
"Allie, Tapeko, and Spree are all healthy and their pregnancies are progressing well,” said Jennifer Langan, DVM, Dipl. ACZM
The Chicago-area Brookfield Zoo on Wednesday announced the birth of its first successful litter of sloth bears. According
The zoo announced Friday that it will be open with free admission for reduced hours on Saturday -- from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m
The giraffes at Brookfield Zoo took advantage of warmer spring-like temperatures on Monday and made their outdoor debut of
The Brookfield Zoo earlier this month welcomed a newborn monkey who bears a bit of a resemblance to a certain Hollywood legend
If a joey leaves the pouch too early, the results can be grave; a joey in Serbia was scared out of its mother's pouch by
While the newborn calf is a healthy addition to Brookfield's giraffe fold, the zoo says there are fewer than 5,000 reticulated