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"In order to not repeat the mistakes of the past, we have to understand it, to learn about it."
Australian comedian Tim Minchin who's best known for the writing the musical "Matilda" warned that there weren't going to
Movement to the People Dance Company performs La Ironia del Duende at the Making Moves Dance Festival in Jamaica, Queens
The Brooklyn Academy of Music hosts two operas this fall. In a world premier, David Lang's The Loser examines a failed piano
"This connection must be multidirectional. We provide our audiences ticket services, but also adventure, connections to artists
One of the most celebrated authors of his time, Oscar Wilde spent two years in jail for "gross indecency." When given the option to flee London or go into exile in Paris, he preferred waiting for the police while dining on lobster at the discreet Cadogan Hotel.
(All pictures are courtesy of CMRubinWorld) C. M. Rubin Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning, tells me their dream
"The Hard Nut" puts an edgy, gender-bending spin on the classic story.
Darcy Argues', Secret Society is not just rich in contextual sound, but sublime, because it can't help seep through the cracks with passion to make its point. One can hear big band, experimental, jazz, and cinematic majestic phrasing, acutely adjusted to its story telling.
New York City moves fast and aspirations soar higher than skyscrapers. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described it as a place for people who can focus to infinity and whenever he stopped walking quickly, he felt anxious.
When one of the world's legendary performance artists -- Oleg Kulik -- collaborates with a visionary entrepreneur-philosopher -- Dmitry Volkov -- the audience rightly expects an intellectual blockbuster.
The Brooklyn Academy of Music is currently presenting a great theater/film production by impressive visual artist (you can see his art-work at David Zwirner Gallery) and Canadian Stage director, Stan Douglas, with television writer (Boardwalk Empire) Chris Haddock.
Helen Lawrence, a theater-meets-cinema multimedia production, part of BAM's Next Wave Festival, is not to be missed. Running through Oct. 17, the clever, ambitious effort, the brainchild of Canadian Stage, is hypnotic to watch.
The audience was utterly spellbound by the sharp clear and absolutely precise synergy of the dancers, not just with each other, but their physical representation of nature, as it effects the growth and nourishment of sustenance, the life and death of RICE. The food of life.
This month, I continued my conversations with leaders from around the world on today's pressing issues in education -- from the challenges of graduates seeking jobs to the psychological burden of bullying to the Japanese academic community's protests for peace.
Arts education is making a difference in improving struggling schools by increasing student engagement and positively changing young lives in countries all over the world.
In a world where we think we have seen everything and certainly as New Yorker's we know everything-- inexhaustible David Byrne, surprises us with Contemporary Color presented by BAM at The Barclay Center in Brooklyn.
When I think of a lake, I imagine its stillness and peace. Calm looms over a clear surface without tides. No matter if the wind shouts or murmurs, the water barely stirs. It's settled, unperturbed. It craves nothing but silence.