Brooklyn Bridge

I love New York. There is no place in the world like Manhattan. The energy, the people, the food and the history. It's true, the city never sleeps and after I spend a day there, I always feel invigorated, inspired and grateful I live so close to the best city in the world.
Not everyone wants to propose marriage on a beach at sunset, at a restaurant over dessert or via a made-for-Youtube extravaganza. Here are ideas from Virginia to Maine for lovers of all sorts.
While the freedom tower can be viewed pretty much anywhere in the New York City since it is the tallest building in the United States you will find that many of the those views are obstructed by the other massive downtown skyscrapers.
The word 'essay' derives from the French infinitive 'essayer'; 'to attempt', 'to try.' I love that not only does the word leave room for experimentation and 'failure,' it ascribes an inherent value in the effort toward something rather than the destination. I have returned to the Brooklyn Bridge several times over the years to capture it. Here is my attempt, my try, my essay.