Brooklyn Bridge

NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit gets specialized training on one of New York City’s landmarks
Aging spans cover the nation as delayed maintenance may threaten drivers.
New York Pending Child Sex Abuse Legislation NY Assembly Bill 2872A A. 2872A (civil elimination and 1-year civil window) Senate
I love New York. There is no place in the world like Manhattan. The energy, the people, the food and the history. It's true, the city never sleeps and after I spend a day there, I always feel invigorated, inspired and grateful I live so close to the best city in the world.
Each of Brooklyn's neighborhoods has its own allure. To help you choose where to visit, here's a rundown of the areas we
Not everyone wants to propose marriage on a beach at sunset, at a restaurant over dessert or via a made-for-Youtube extravaganza. Here are ideas from Virginia to Maine for lovers of all sorts.
While the freedom tower can be viewed pretty much anywhere in the New York City since it is the tallest building in the United States you will find that many of the those views are obstructed by the other massive downtown skyscrapers.
The word 'essay' derives from the French infinitive 'essayer'; 'to attempt', 'to try.' I love that not only does the word leave room for experimentation and 'failure,' it ascribes an inherent value in the effort toward something rather than the destination. I have returned to the Brooklyn Bridge several times over the years to capture it. Here is my attempt, my try, my essay.
The New York Times' head architecture critic, Michael Kimmelman, received a phone call from the artists, identified as Mischa
The roughly 25-foot section of stonework toppled before 8 p.m. local time, New York City Fire Department spokesman Jim Long
Just when we thought selfies couldn't get any worse (see funeral selfie and Chernobyl selfie) we see this: a woman taking
What rules can be changed on the bridge so bikers and walkers can co-exist?
We need to have more teachers like Jaime Escalante teaching children how to balance equations by "filling the hole," but the best way to improve math performance is to address poverty in the United States.
We know... it's hot in New York right now. It's sweaty. It's smelly. The humid air makes a steam room at the spa feel like
While the achievements of the Bloomberg administration are remarkable, congestion pricing was a setback. Despite anyone's issue with the failed plan, the funding mechanism for mass transit that was built into it was unassailable. The need for additional funding sources for the MTA hasn't changed.
A time machine exists for a short while in June within the abandoned offices, loading docks, and stairwells of the gigantic James A. Farley Post Office as a plucky theater company transports you back through 400 years of Manhattan history.
Summer is (unofficially) here, and tons of travelers will be heading coast to coast to visit some of the most iconic city
Many couples I photograph plan to have some portion of their wedding outdoors. But what if it rains? The truth is that the rain (or even snow!) can actually add to the beauty of the moment and the style of the photo.