Brooklyn Navy Yard

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The Brooklyn Navy Yard is infested. 2,000 pigeons have come home to roost on a defunct aircraft carrier. This is Fly by Night, the newest project by Creative Time, a socially-engaged arts organization best known for the Tribute in Light, those ghostly beams that punch the sky over Manhattan every year in the week running up to September 11th.
New York is one of only two states that automatically sentences 16 and 17-year olds as adults. Unsurprisingly, being a minor in a prison built for adults can be a damaging experience. The recidivism rate for young offenders in New York is almost 70 percent within one year of release.
After the initial euphoria of discovering sipping booze, you arrive at a curious state of self-conscious confusion.
7. The Gaslight Cafe 12. Starlight Park 8. Old Waldorf-Astoria Until 2007, this stable gave just about anyone the chance
It seems to me that the DOD would've been a heck of a lot better off if it built its own weapons, than turning the design and manufacture over to private enterprise companies, whose main purpose is to make money.
2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gif A college education has become an expensive commodity nearly inaccessible to many young adults who grew up in some of our most disinvested-in communities and school districts. One important, underutilized answer: employer-customized training.
We ride past a group of buildings in the massive Brooklyn Navy Yard, spread out over 300 waterfront acres. Felipe speaks to us through his walkie-talkie. "Ready to go to the farm?"
The state started offering tax incentives to film productions in 2004; the incentives have since increased several times
The soundstages, located in Steiner Studios, will be used for film, television and commercial production. Bloomberg says
Kitnick excitedly described a future project, based on a "top-loading gravity feed triple-column condiment dispenser" that
A building up for sale could spark a rebirth of Sunset Park's rich industrial legacy.
It's like someone picked up an estate from Long Island's Gold Coast and plunked it down in Vinegar Hill.
Mayor Bloomberg needs to acknowledge that residents require more than just minimum-wage employment to survive and thrive.
Free access to places you can't easily visit: everything from the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, the world's oldest subway tunnel, to a museum of models of the work of the architect Richard Meier.