The owner of Java Juggs, a drive thru coffee stand, is facing prostitution charges after investigators found bikini-clad employees selling more than just caffeinated drinks.
Cromwell Manor in Melbourne, Australia, operated as a brothel for 20 years before closing in 2012. According to artsHub, the
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When I walked in, it looked like a cozy tea room parlor. Several sober women amidst of sea of not-at-all-sober men whisked me upstairs and closed the sliding door. A door with panes made of paper. They guided me to the grandmother's room down the hall -- off limits to men.
It costs nothing to stay at the resort. However, guests have to pay at least one of the women to accompany them around the
Hey, Bart. If you really want to reduce abortions, ask yourself this: Why does godless France, where abortion is nearly free (it's covered by their universal health insurance), have 20% fewer abortions per capita than we do?
Prostitutes in the Lugano area of Switzerland are being trained in the use of defibrillators due to their high number of
Or perhaps it is the personal nature of such attacks, rather than broad-based attacks which name "all lobbyists" or "all
Business is so slow at the Shady Lady Ranch that the owner of the Nye County brothel wants to add a few shady men to her
Sure, the girls make too much noise, and maybe they do drive down the property value. But if the prostitutes were driven out, they might be replaced with worse. Like a family with teenagers.
A woman who had just scored a precious high-paying job in the midst of a disastrous economy was willing to fly in from out
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Some U.S. motorists sick of getting clobbered at the pump seem willing to do just about anything for
"It's like Babel," she said of New York City, in her high-pitched, Latin-tinged voice. "It's very tempting. You can buy anything
It's impossible to describe the relationship between politicians, lobbyists, corporations, and campaign cash -- and have it come out sounding different than what a prostitute does for a living.