"My 9-year-old just referred to her two younger brothers as her 'sequels.'"
Here's to all the bickering, bonding and hijinks.
They're both juniors majoring in political science, and only just discovered they're related.
Having friends and colleagues who are transgender, transgender rights have always been important to me, but especially today
When you are given a second rate narrative - in my case due to being born number two and liking girly things -you are entitled
Guesses about Human Evolution Last week a student asked me if it was a bad thing for brothers to share a bed while growing
My brother was a music student, outdoor leader, and president of his school's student union. Creative and ambitious, he dreamed
It's finally happened, which is a good and important thing. Private jokes and cackling fits bode well for the solid lifelong sibling relationship my husband and I had envisioned for them. What I didn't anticipate was how bro-ish the whole situation would get.
Brothers and sisters of people with autism describe the misconceptions people have about the disorder, and both the challenges and gifts that having an autistic sibling brings.