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"There was no coming out story. There was no challenge," the actor tells HuffPost Live.
1. You have an endless supply of baggy sweatshirts and oversized polos to borrow. 17. You’ll always be your brother’s number
She didn't choose this battle. But I promise it messed with the wrong woman. Give 'em hell George. We're praying and pulling for you.
The relationships between sister and sister or brother and brother are celebrated in greeting cards, inspirational sayings, and other Hallmark-worthy moments. Yet I have loved watching the web that is continuously being spun between my children...a lone sister and brother.
A large portion of siblings seem to adopt one another's habits and behaviors. In a case study conducted by Richard Rende
Little Brother was in time-out for two minutes while Big Sister was in time-out for five minutes and that's not fair.
This story is included in Tricia McCallum's first book of poetry: Nothing Gold Can Stay: A Mother and Father Remembered .
By having a sister, I developed an early respect for the opposite sex I may not have if I had been an only child or one of three brothers.
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I'm constantly witnessing ways in which my toddler son is getting less than his older sister did. And yet, despite the outward appearance of deprivation, I'm discovering that the things he's missing aren't as important as I thought.
When I learned this about her I realized that never, even at the height of my skating abilities, would anyone have considered
I always describe myself as being a special needs mom, but in reality we are a special needs family. We have not had to tell our boys to feel responsible for Lizzy, they do that because they love her.
The bond between siblings is one of those unexplainable and largely unteachable things. It grows from shared experience -- from growing up and living through so much together, from knowing each other's secrets, from loving (and sometimes hating) the same people.
A baby's gender announcement is a joyous time for all. Well, maybe not for this little girl who really (REALLY) wished she
I walked down the stairs to join my four brothers and two sisters for breakfast, tears and fear adding to the mess that was
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It looks like some new blood is headed to "True Blood." This past October, Grimes (who was seen previously on ABC's "Brothers
I know that no two children have the same set of parents, even though they live in the same family. Why? Because parents are different with each of their children, and no two children ever take the same role.
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At the time, her answer made me feel sorry for her. At least that's how I took it. However, it was my brother-in-law's impromptu speech during the reception that caused me to rethink things. I realized I had it all wrong.