brown fat

“This mechanism for basically inducing these brown or beige fat cells … wasn’t previously recognized,” says Patrick Seale
In the world of brown fat news, this is kind of a big deal. Brown fat tissue works by burning up regular fat for warmth. Rodents
Of course, the study was a pre-clinical trial that involved mice. Walsh believes that more research is needed to figure out
Looking for some help to avoid the seasonal weight gain? In addition to the standard advice, I'd like to add another strategy to the list: get plenty of sleep.
"A bagel is almost 200 or 300 calories," said Bagel. "If you eat a bagel a day, you've overcome those extra calories." "Brown
The research is so preliminary that there are multiple points of view about the significance of brown fat; nutritional biochemist
Jumping from lab studies in mice to actual health benefits for humans is still a ways away, though, since it is difficult
By all means, stay tuned to the smoke signals about brown fat. But I urge you to keep other irons in the fire.
By Katherine Harmon (Click here for the original article) The researchers found that those subjects with the most brown fat
In a finding that may be exciting for many, researchers were able to turn white fat -- the kind that stores calories -- into