brown fat

Across the country, cell biologist and biochemist Bruce Spiegelman and his former postdoctoral fellow Rajesh Rao, both at
In the world of brown fat news, this is kind of a big deal. In the past, researchers have relied on PET (positron emission
In terms of overall health, the mice that ate the high-fat, high-sugar diet were significantly heavier than the mice that
Looking for some help to avoid the seasonal weight gain? In addition to the standard advice, I'd like to add another strategy to the list: get plenty of sleep.
"Turning down the heat in the house could be really beneficial and result in increased activity of brown adipose tissue," said
However, brown fat almost never shows up in obese people, notes the New York Times, which is why researchers are investigating
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By all means, stay tuned to the smoke signals about brown fat. But I urge you to keep other irons in the fire.
Although scientists are interested in brown fat’s obesity-battling possibilities, don't count on a calorie-crunching injection