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We take our eyebrows very seriously here at Lipstick, which is why we rounded up a list of our top favorite pencils, gels, powders, and tools for you to try.
Whether you're a seasoned beauty buff or new to the craft, learning how to frame your face is a must.
  William Scott: Groomed To Perfection   Jamie Ryan Dee: Just The Right Amount Of Tint  Phillip Picardi: Bushy & Bold
Messing around with your eyebrows is a serious matter, and there are few people who feel more strongly about that fact than
Every time we try to convince our family or friends to groom their own eyebrows at home, we get blank stares in return. But
If the eyes are the window to the soul, certainly brows must be the curtain. Or maybe I'm just rationalizing what is surely a sign of insanity.
After After a recent threading appointment that was not so great, my eyebrow hairs were thinner than usual. So I was a bit
A well-groomed brow is vital to complete any look.
With fashion publicist Alexandrea Berenbaum's thick eyebrows, we assumed there were multiple steps to getting the look. But
Thin is not in -- at least when it comes to eyebrows. At the recent round of shows, makeup artists on both sides of the Atlantic showcased the most resplendent brows we've seen for decades.