Fill in the gaps There's no avoiding it: Your brows will go through an ugly phase during the grow-out process. "This is where
We take our eyebrows very seriously here at Lipstick, which is why we rounded up a list of our top favorite pencils, gels, powders, and tools for you to try.
Whether you're a seasoned beauty buff or new to the craft, learning how to frame your face is a must.
  Lucky B. Smith: Color Contrast  Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis: Statement Brows  Phillip Picardi: Bushy & Bold   Wendell Lissimore
Messing around with your eyebrows is a serious matter, and there are few people who feel more strongly about that fact than
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If the eyes are the window to the soul, certainly brows must be the curtain. Or maybe I'm just rationalizing what is surely a sign of insanity.
I've used all sorts of powders, gels and pencils to fill in my sparse and fine brows in hopes of looking like this or this
A well-groomed brow is vital to complete any look.