Bruce Castor

Officials say the most important lesson for businesses from the federal experience is that once they take the first step toward requirements, their workers will follow.
Bruce Castor’s argument ignored the fact that senators and the Justice Department have called the Capitol riot an “insurrection” for weeks.
Hoping that brevity will appeal to their restless Senate audience, Trump's lawyers are expected to keep their arguments short.
Supercut shows just how rambling Bruce Castor's defense of former President Donald Trump was.
“Based on how it went today, I’m worried that Trump is gonna get the chair.” Late Night hosts tackled day one of the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.
During the first day of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, his lawyers rambled in a defense even Fox News hosts called “terrible.”
The former president, who's facing his second impeachment trial, complained that his team came off badly on television and looked weak in comparison to Democrats.
"The Tonight Show" host hinted that another Trump litigator might have loved Bruce Castor's rambling defense.
The “Late Show” host also debunked an “actual point” made by attorney Bruce Castor.
The MSNBC host couldn't believe one of the arguments made by an attorney for the former president.
“I’m pretty worked up about it, given what’s at stake for the Constitution and the country," Fox News' Ingraham said of lawyer Bruce Castor's defense.
The House impeachment managers made a clear and emotional case for why the Senate must hold an impeachment trial. Trump's lawyers? Not so much.
Donald Trump's attorney "did not seem to make any arguments at all, which was an unusual approach to take," said Sen. Susan Collins.
Bruce Castor's bizarre, meandering address was criticized by right-wing pundits, Twitter critics, Trump allies and lawmakers.
"I have no idea what he's doing," Alan Dershowitz, who represented Trump in his first impeachment trial, said of Bruce Castor's defense.
“Donald Trump has made a lot of stupid legal arguments over the years," said ex-acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.
David Schoen and Bruce Castor issued statements through Trump’s office saying that they were honored to take the job.
The disgraced entertainer is appealing his 2018 sexual assault conviction from jail.