bruce springsteen

The rock legend called for an "exorcism" in Washington on Election Day.
The video spotlighting Pennsylvania approached 5 million views in less than a day.
"With 100,000-plus Americans dying over the last few months and the empty shamed response from our leaders, I’ve been simply pissed off," Springsteen said.
"The Boss" proudly looked on as his youngest son joined the Jersey City Fire Department this week.
Trump called him "little Bruce Springsteen" for his support of Hillary Clinton in 2016.
“It’s time to get in impeachment formation,” one person responded on Twitter. "You’ll NEVER be The Boss," added another.
The coming-of-age film, directed by Gurinder Chadha, delivers The Boss' hits and gives its actors the character development they deserve.
Ronald Reagan occupied the White House the last time Madge and the Boss held the top two spots on the charts.
“You need someone who can speak some of the same language" as Trump, The Boss said.