The beer is named "OTAN," which plays on the Finnish expression “Otan olutta,” which means “I’ll have a beer,” and the French abbreviation for NATO, which is “OTAN.”
The secretary of state canceled his final Europe trip after European Union officials are too “embarrassed” to meet with him.
The prime minister is now compelled to seek a three-month extension of EU membership, but he insists: "I will not negotiate a delay."
The move could add to a brewing trade war between Brussels and Washington.
Abdeslam’s co-defendant Sofien Ayari also received a 20-year term for attempted terrorist murder.
Trump said “real friends” of the United States could win waivers from the new steel and aluminum measures.
Separatists declared victory in Thursday's regional election.
European leaders yearn for stability in U.S. foreign policy.
A Spanish judge issued an arrest warrant for Puigdemont after the independence crisis.