The prime minister is now compelled to seek a three-month extension of EU membership, but he insists: "I will not negotiate a delay."
The move could add to a brewing trade war between Brussels and Washington.
Abdeslam’s co-defendant Sofien Ayari also received a 20-year term for attempted terrorist murder.
Trump said “real friends” of the United States could win waivers from the new steel and aluminum measures.
Separatists declared victory in Thursday's regional election.
European leaders yearn for stability in U.S. foreign policy.
A Spanish judge issued an arrest warrant for Puigdemont after the independence crisis.
Puigdemont also said he was not seeking asylum in Belgium.
From New York City to Moscow, communities pay tribute to Spain's attack victims.
He shouted “Allahu akbar” before being shot dead by soldiers on patrol.
Crickets supply as much protein as a cow, but need 25 times less and 300 percent less water.
“We consider this a terrorist attack."
Richard Maher, European University Institute President Donald Trump meets in Brussels today with leaders from the European
World leaders have condemned the Syrian government after a chemical weapons attack left at least 70 civilians dead. But Russia claims it’s rebels who are responsible.
Now the Brexit process has officially begun, the United Kingdom is looking to boost trade ties outside Europe. But any new business deals won’t be easy or fast.
The arrest comes a day after an attack in London involving a car ramming pedestrians.