brussels attack

The message sent by the American media, intentionally or not, is that when there's an attack on a nation like Turkey that is 99 percent Muslim and the victims are primarily Muslim, it simply isn't that important. But it should be.
BRUSSELS -- Today, just over a week after the horrific attacks on this city, people are still saddened by what happened. Many, according to witnesses, are worried about the future of the country and terrorist networks that exist in Brussels. Many wonder if this type of attack will happen again. I think it will. As long as the terror networks continue to exist, we will continue to be worried about the future of Europe and bombings in other cities.
Their only goal is to spread terror. It doesn't even matter to them what the Quraan says or doesn't say, because these people are not Muslims. They are a disgrace to the name of Islam!
While the self-proclaimed Islamic State has lost a significant amount of its territory and leadership, including its second-in-command, Brussels shows that it will become even more aggressive in its foreign operations as it loses ground, with some stating the attack is an indication of panic in the group. Here are seven suggestions that may help resolve the civil war in Syria, end the refugee crisis and alleviate the terrorist threat posed by ISIS to Europe and the rest of the world.
Knee jerk reactions, playing on frightened peoples' emotions and demagoguery will not solve the problem, it will only alienate those people who should be part of the solution.
"Their mom was the last to speak to them, but their call was cut off after the explosion," a friend says.