brussels lockdown

BRUSSELS -- Today, just over a week after the horrific attacks on this city, people are still saddened by what happened. Many, according to witnesses, are worried about the future of the country and terrorist networks that exist in Brussels. Many wonder if this type of attack will happen again. I think it will. As long as the terror networks continue to exist, we will continue to be worried about the future of Europe and bombings in other cities.
The city's mayor says it will take time to identify all of the attack victims.
Vigils and memorials were held across the world, honoring victims of the terrorist attacks.
Many offered shelter and safety with hashtags like #OpenDoor.
Over 5,000 people turned out for the Climate March human chain in Brussels on Sunday, November 29th, despite a militaristic lockdown in the capital of Europe forbidding peaceful demonstrations.
PARIS (AP) — The man who housed a suspected ringleader of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks has been charged with terrorism-related