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The actor said his wife “deserves” a reprieve from his busy Hollywood career — and he plans to eventually move to a French village with her “to level that out.”
The actor raised critical questions about the former president's "Make America Great Again" rallying cry.
“I was pretty surprised that I got some blowback to it,” the actor said on Bill Maher's podcast about his casting in the film as a person with a disability.
The "Your Honor" star and talk host's interpretation got weirder and weirder.
"That would be fun to do," said Cranston, who played Hal Wilkerson in the early 2000s series.
The "Breaking Bad" star told Jimmy Kimmel about an encounter he had with "The Fabelmans" actor at a previous Globes ceremony.
“I’ve been going back to Austria ever since,” the actor joked to comedian Conan O'Brien.
WIth "Breaking Bad" now in the books, HuffPost Live takes a good, hard look at the end of Walter White.
Local politicians including Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller mixed with “Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and director Vince Gilligan to help unveil the artwork.
The bronze statues will be celebrated at the New Mexico city's convention center with stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in attendance.