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Walter White is the one who knocks and also the one who dances to his own song at music festivals. Bryan Cranston made a
This is why advertising creatives are important and why some agencies are better than others. Yes, make the star relevant, surprise people, get viewers excited. But once you get past that step, sell something that aligns with your creative.
In case you've been wondering what Bryan Cranston's been up to since the finale of "Breaking Bad," the answer is: not much.
There were so many outstanding Jesse Pinkman scenes over the course of "Breaking Bad" that it's hard to believe Aaron Paul
"We didn't have the pressure from above to cast stars or names," Thomas said, when asked what she remembered most about initially
And the Emmy goes to ... "No that's a lie," Paul laughingly admitted. "That's not happening guys, come on!" This "Breaking
For some reason, we have an obsession with unearthing embarrassing photos of our favorite TV stars. Maybe it's because it
No, this isn't more "Better Call Saul" news. Bryan Cranston, the actor who gave us high school chemistry teacher turned drug
"I am worried ... it may turn out this was a mistake to do this," Gilligan told his fellow directors. "If it's 'After M.A.S.H
@OliverFrenchie Bryan Cranston is Justin Bieber o___________o — Nalbis (@TotallyNalbis) May 30, 2014 Stage 5: Playful Excitement
The show, which won the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy last year, is hoping the Academy will find the last half of Season
Long live Heisenberg! Ever since "Breaking Bad" ended, we've been going through Walter White withdrawals. The iconic AMC
It's hard to imagine Bryan Cranston as anything other than one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. His role as Walter
Well, this is awkward. The only thing more uncomfortable than casting auditions are casting auditions in which you have to
What do you get when you combine the highest grossing animated film of all time with one of the most iconic TV dramas in
Long Live Heisenberg! Rejoice "Breaking Bad" Fans! You'll be getting more Walter White very soon! If you're still having
"Walt was a man who was depressed; his emotions were cocooned. He didn't know how he felt. And then the terminal diagnosis
Over the course of Walt’s evolution from timid high school chemistry teacher to drug kingpin, he not only becomes more possessive
After disappointing speeches at last week's Golden Globes, I was happy to see better winning words at the SAG Awards. Here are my scores for the most notable speakers.
Sunday night (Jan. 12) was definitely Walter White's night at the Golden Globes. The Hollywood Foreign Press gave AMC's "Breaking