Bryan Fischer

“This is a metaphor, or a sign, of the work of the Prince of Darkness in obscuring the light of God’s truth."
Years ago, I was ambushed by Ken Ham, the head of Answers in Genesis, the organization in charge of the two Kentucky creationist
Most recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stepped up his attacks on Christians who belong to denominations other than the Russian Orthodox Church, particularly Protestants, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.
It's almost as if the Religious Right cares more about gaining political power than defending Christian teachings.
A year after marriage equality became the law of the land, Bryan Fischer's stance hasn't changed.
To Tony Perkins, nothing's more dangerous to a child than a queer role model. But imagine what those role models mean to queer kids. I didn't know I was gay when I was a little 7-year-old Boy Scout. Nothing would have been more important to me than to know that I wasn't alone.
The controversies involving marriage clerks in the South refusing to help gay couples fulfill their legal right to marry has me thinking. And I've come to a sad conclusion. We are all being played for fools.
A white gunman killed nine people Wednesday night, after opening fire on a Bible study group gathered at the historically