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The "Real Sports" host ended his show with a powerful message.
For a TV executive, Andy Lack has an unusual problem: sky-high ratings.
The hero's body will be returned to his hometown.
There was a time when sports stars would just appear in TV shows or movies like Jack Dempesy in The Prizefighter and the
Created and hosted by journalist and animal advocate Jill Rappaport, Best in Shelter With Jill Rappaport documents her year-long search for remarkable shelter dog contestants, focusing on hard-to-adopt animals such as pit pulls, older animals, and animals with disabilities. While the program ultimately declares "winners," all the selected animals find loving homes.
"What do you write to it like mail?" Gumbel later asked. Katie Couric is back. And suddenly it's 1994. "Katie said she thought
Lost in the shadows of towering headlines about LeBron's return home, the World Cup, and the All-Star Game, there is a headline not nearly as sexy, that will change the landscape for all student athletes across our nation.
Bryant Gumbel's hauteur was in especially high gear during last Sunday's final commentary. With barely controlled eye-rolling, he admonished fans headed to his 'hood for the Super Bowl to spend as little time as possible in Manhattan, leave their colorful team clothing home, and to not wear out a welcome thin as ice.
Monday's show was full of old footage and photographs from Pauley and Gumbel's time together, including a look back at their
"There were a lot of missteps along the way," Gumbel told Couric. "I feel badly that Matt wound up getting blamed for the