Bubba Watson

I would recommend if you ever can pull it off, go to the practice round(s) on these tourneys and check these guys out. No crowds and their easy, light attitudes make for a really nice experience!
Champions like Tiger Woods are always charting and changing their course to be certain everything is on track. Tiger didn't just come to Augusta because it was the popular thing to do. He wouldn't have showed up if he wasn't ready to win. He came to win and he's prepared to win.
The PGA Tour wives have a unique lifestyle that few experience. Particularly when it comes to raising kids, there are uncommon demands placed on the families.
Not once did Jim Nance mention that Jordan Spieth should have stayed at the University of Texas. Apparently Jim Nance didn't know that Spieth was a "one and a half and done," leaving in the middle of his second year.
Until now, television was the closest I'd come to seeing the Masters, and although many friends had told me about the tournament, nothing prepared me for the perfection that is the Augusta National Golf Club.
Bubba Golf was a family affair this time at the Masters. After sinking a short putt to win the Masters for the second time
Yet, Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler work. In their second video, the foursome decided to use their new-found YouTube fame
Bubba Watson will be a guest picker on ESPN's College GameDay, which will be in Athens, Ga., Saturday as the Bulldogs host
Have you noticed what happens when you're not hydrated? What would you say are your short- and long-term goals in golf? How
Burger joints are moving away from build-your-own to wild-creations menus. Here are some of the most noteworthy.