bubble wrap

We’ve all popped bubble wrap and felt that deep sense of relief and satisfaction that comes with it. But have you ever wondered
It's been years since I watched the made-for-TV movie, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble." So many that when I recently watched it, I discovered my only memory had been confused with a Seinfeld episode.
High school fashion students compete against each other to determine who can create the best bubble wrap ensemble ... in honor of National Bubble Wrap Day.
A civilian employee dialed 911 after hearing three loud bangs.
It's sold flat and airless, making it easier to store and ship. A single truckload of iBubble Wrap can hold as much packaging
Bubble wrap sumo wrestling, anyone? To celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (yes, that’s apparently a thing), the five
H/T Reddit In this fascinating video created by Sealed Air Corporation, the makers of the pop-able material, consumers get
When did kids become more afraid of boredom than they are of parents?! The concept of leaving our children outside all day without contact is not only ancient history, it's unfathomable to parents today.
There are a lot of inventions out there, but this is the most patent-worthy one we've seen in a long time.
We hate to burst your bubble, but Rhett and Link are probably having more fun than you in this week's winning video from
A battle for the ages is being waged on this back porch, and not everyone may make it, but they won't be able to say we didn't
The easiest way is to get lost on BubbleWrapFun.com, and pass that Web site along to your friends and family. The site is