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"I am a believer that if a product exists for you it makes you feel validated."
What Finding Kim is attempting to do is very ambitious -- it is at once an intimate portrait of its charismatic subject and a brief but thoughtful overview of trans issues and identities.
"It is ok to love yourself and your body the way you see it -- not the way others want you too. "
Here's my chat with award-winning pornographer turned advocate Buck Angel.
Transgender porn star and icon Buck Angel praised Facebook's new gender identification options in a candid HuffPost Live
When a gay man dates a trans-man, many question his sexual orientation. We dissect the 'orientation police' and talk to gay men and transgender men who they date—and vice versa.
Transgender porn star Buck Angel recently joined HuffPost Live to discuss his experience as "the first and only" female-to
Buck Angel (and his vagina) are full-blown gay porn stars, friends. Is your mind blown? Well, good. That's the point.
Buck Angel, transgender porn star, filmmaker, speaker and transgender advocate, has released a new documentary titled “Mr
"Much of the correspondence I've received from FTMs expressed sadness and despair as these men felt it was unlikely that