Buckingham palace

The Changing of the Guard ceremony resumed after a pandemic-induced 18-month gap.
A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace responded: "We didn’t comment when this book was first released and won’t be commenting now."
Ethnic minorities account for about 13% of the U.K. population but only 8.5% of the Royal Household staff.
Biden and the queen will meet face-to-face after the president's G7 summit.
The Guardian uncovered new documents that show the palace continued the practice until the late 1960s.
“Representations asking for the photo’s removal have been made," the palace said about a doctored image of the British monarch on a Trump supporter's bus.
Buckingham Palace said the prince’s hearse was built when Philip turned 82, and modified over the years with an open-top rear section to hold his coffin.
The brothers have been grappling with strained relations since Harry's decision to step away from his royal duties.
Assembling the 3-foot cake required removing a door at Buckingham Palace — which Fiona Cairns says Her Majesty certainly noticed.