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The palace said the royal couple knew nothing about a code of conduct reportedly issued to Windsor locals.
Reports in April speculated the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might head to Africa.
The Duchess of Sussex plans to attend Trooping the Colour to celebrate the queen's official birthday. She just missed Donald Trump.
“Now, Donald, please don't put your grubby hands on anything in this room."
The picture of Trump's eldest daughter and her husband at Buckingham Palace was compared to scenes from horror films and nightmares.
A YouGov/Queen Mary University London survey shows huge opposition to President Donald Trump's visit.
The TV host shared an update of her own with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
"Yikes! Sorry, guys,” the former first lady said on a book tour in London as she recalled the amusing incident.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced Thursday that they are keeping things "private."
It's their first public appearance together in about three months.
Philip smashed a Land Rover into another car in an accident that injured 2 women.
The Duchess of Cambridge was stunning in an Alexander McQueen gown.
The pop star sang to the "love of my life" with his hit "Cold Water" and Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car."
A royal tribute to the “queen of soul” made today’s Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace extra special.
A military band at Buckingham Palace mourned the loss of the Queen of Soul by playing one of her most famous songs.
She attended the events with Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
He'll be in the countryside while the capital goes all out demonstrating against him.