buckminster fuller

Whether Trump becomes president or not, we run the risk of this larger, anti-truth fire destroying the social fabric of our country.
False equivalency reporting has given equal time to climate change deniers and others who live in a fact / science-free world
Benjamin Lowder at Open Mind Art Space, installation. Photo: Bryan Birdman Mier "It's time to remember the forgotten truths
We are living in such tragically hopeless times. I have watched the PBS Newshour's weekly wrap up with Mark Shields and David
Buckminster Fuller would be proud.
"It's for everybody - we hope they come away with a greater respect for the objects they work or live with," says John Boyer
The consequence of this is closely aligned in my opinion with money. It is impossible to place a monetary value on process
Imagine how dull it would be to be perfect. Not perfect in the Divine sense -- which includes all kinds of imperfection -- but
"Never forget, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference